China Zhonglv Alloy Wheel Co.,ltd

"Veloche" is the Italian word for Speed. It stands for experience, quality and sustainability! In essence,Veloche,not a wheel designed for the next season,but qualified products with Italian tradition. An object of statement!

To own Veloche is like having a luxury watch.Every year,the market gets flooded with new designs in every price range,still it´s the watch with tradition,and for sure an Italian brand that is a symbol of success and tradition.

Owning Veloche isn´t about buying a design or the best fitting wheel for his car. It´s an attitude towards success and the pursuit of Italian quality.
Our target group will be the upper class of Europe and they stick to Italian heritage and craftsmanship as well as the success and self esteem.
Driving with Veloche means driving with elegance and pride.

We don´t just offer a new design, we offer a way of life.
Veloche is a lifestyle of quality. Veloche is a new awareness of life.
You´re not just driving a wheel, you´re driving Veloche!
Your drive,Your style!